I recently stumbled upon a folder of random items from my childhood. A favorite discovery was this homework assignment from 1st grade where I quite unconvincingly forged my “parents” signatures as Han and Leia from Star Wars. Stories have always been and always will be what excites me most.

I predominantly work in camera and grip/electrical, though my main interest has become directing and writing. I also do production design, produce, cast– you name it. I especially love working with and helping create more opportunities for women behind the camera.


I am a graduate of Second City’s improv and writing programs and attribute a lot of my creative process to what I learned there. While I originally intended on only completing the writing program, I was urged by a friend to try improv. It was totally outside of my comfort zone, but I grew to love that fear of the unknown. I began to thrive on the energy of facing my fear of looking ridiculous and making mistakes. At my graduation show, I performed an entire scene as a cat, sang in front of an audience with lyrics I made up on the spot, and for some reason spoke with a Russian accent. The programs broke a creative barrier in me that has totally changed how I brainstorm, collaborate, and work with actors.


As a kid, I distinctly recall watching Sarah Connor doing pull-ups in Terminator 2 and had a moment where I realized that women can be fearless, strong, and compassionate all at once. My sincere hope is that I can make films to help other women and girls have similar realizations.