Off the Street Club

Off the Street Club

Roles: Still Photographer, Concept

Agency: Havas Worldwide Chicago

I worked on a series of campaigns leading up to and for a gala fundraiser for the Off the Street Club in Chicago. This club services children in one of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods, West Garfield Park, and provides a sanctuary for kids to be safe and have fun.

Portrait Series

I felt as though the rhetoric around kids living in violent communities is often one that’s presented as sad, depressing, and hopeless. I wanted to do something different. I pitched a series of images that would instead emanate hope, joy, and strength. In addition, I interviewed each of the kids and asked them about their dreams, their role models, favorite books, etc. I heard stories of their uncle’s signature ribs, their aunt they look up to who serves in the military, and one 5 year old girl’s energetic explanation of a shoe/nail/firecracker store she hopes to open someday. I was blown away by the thoughtfulness, maturity, and creativity of their answers.

In addition, I shot some separate images to be used in a window wrap display at the fundraiser.

“Camp Havas”

I lit these Moonrise Kingdom/Wes Anderson inspired portraits for part of the campaign entitled, “Camp Havas.” Interns camped in the lobby of the building and live streamed silly activities in order to push the online fundraising campaign. These images appeared in AdWeek.


“Art Is: Everywhere”

Leading up to the event, I shot/lit fun photos of Havas employees posing with customizable signs to promote the event on social media. I shot over 100 employees and turned the images around within 2 hours.

I also lit and shot the step and repeat photos at the actual event.