Special K & Girl Up

Day of the Girl

Special K and Girl Up

Roles: Gaffer
Agency: Edelman
Camera: Sony FS7

This was a very fun spot to light because I was working with not only the main framing of A Cam but an additional roaming BTS angle, so I needed all my work to be functional but also very tidy looking. I ultimately chose 3 Litepanels Geminis as my key and fill sources outside of the pre-lit tungsten grid and supplemented eye lights and other specials and rims with a 4 piece Arri fresnel kit.

The key Gemini passed through a 6×6 1/4 silk and was supplemented by another Gemini on the fill side through a single silk. I had the third Gemini on a roller stand that I brought in and out as a stronger hair light or floor fill for setups with the whole group. The eye light varied between a 300W and 650W positioned through a 4×4 frame. The end result was a very soft and flattering ratio accomplished with very minimal gear.

While only one of these made this final cut, I also was on standby constantly to relight to pick up these “behind the scenes” setup with the hero products. Again, keying with a single Gemini and adding punches to mainly the featured product–cereals and granola bars– with pieces of the Arri kit.