Mr. Snuggles

“Mr. Snuggles”

A Pens to Lens Short Film

Shared Roles: Director, Producer, Director of Photography

When Thomas, Andrew, and I read this script, we loved it. This dark comedy was written by three 8th grade boys, and we shot it intermittently over 2 weekends, partially due to uncooperative weather. I enjoyed how much room there was for bizarro, off-the-wall takes, particularly as we shot the bedroom scenes all back-to-back. I’ll never forget watching the take where John screamed. I think I had to bite my hand to keep from losing it.

This was my first experience directing, though it was a co-directing situation. The three of us–Andrew, Thomas, and myself–share a lot of commonality in terms of what we like, and this was genuinely a collaborative experience. We made on-set decisions together, made the shot list together, and took turns offering direction to the cast. It was a lot of fun to be silly and weird and put a lot of ourselves into this.

We were very fortunate to actually cast the three writers as the bullies in the opening montage of the film. It was amazing to watch them watch their script come to life in production.