It’s On Us

It’s On Us

University of Illinois, White House PSA

Roles: Director, Director of Photography, Editor

Chicago Tribune: “Biden tells U of I students to stand up against sexual violence”

News Gazette: “It’s On Us campaign helped lure Biden to UI”

I put this project in my portfolio because I’m proud of what I was able to do with very little resources. Each of these videos had a budget of less than $800, which, if you are familiar with the production world, is not normally a remotely feasible budget for really anything. I worked with the University of Illinois Student Senate to produce these videos for almost no money, with an insane turnaround, and with a ridiculous amount of direction and producing. I advised the client on how to get the most for their money and helped them create these spots to raise awareness on campus and the Big Ten Conference. We ultimately also garnered attention from Vice President Joe Biden.

These videos were shot in a hilariously cramped makeshift studio space. I ultimately had to remove visible lights in post because we didn’t have a studio space to shoot these inside or the budget to even go out and film them outside of the public affairs office.

The NCAA created a super cut of spots nationwide that aired nationally throughout the entire school year. It contained multiple shots just from UIUC’s athlete version.

I also got the opportunity to be in the press corp when Vice President Joe Biden came to the University of Illinois, the first school he he chose to visit for the campaign he spearheaded.