Butterball Emoji

Make the Thanksgiving Turkey Emoji


Roles: Gaffer
Agency: Edelman
Camera: Canon C300

This video was shot and lit with just myself and one other person. It was a fun challenge of discovering the main shooting location was way larger than described and adapting with the gear we had at hand. I lit this with 4x 650W, 1x 300W, and a small Dedo 150W that I love using with food and products to give that controlled punch of light to make it gleam and shine. I also used a Matthews Road Rags kit, especially the 1 stop silk and scrims to shape the light.

For all the setups in this project, my key came through a 1 stop silk from a pair of Kinos. For the call center scene, I used 4 or 5x 650W to selectively light the background talent and room as well as another Kino. The walls were painted with an incredibly shiny sheen, so it required a lot of back and forth to the monitor for troubleshooting glare until it was perfected. I also gave an edge light in this scene with a 300W. In the end, I managed to achieve an in-camera vignette of sorts that highlighted the talent on camera and fell off on the background actors. If I had more time and more lights available, I definitely would have added hair lights to the background talent.

Lighting this kitchen was deceptively difficult because again, the sheen of the walls was very reflective as well as the ovens and especially the cabinets. I was also very adamant about taking the time to carefully light the talent so that her skin tones were very separated from the color of the cabinets. As you can see, that extra time I took really shows it’s worth in the final edit with the beautiful warm color of her face. I also added a hard edge light to really pop her out from the cabinets. The Dedo 150W light hit the turkey again to give it that warm glow, as I did in the other turkey scenario as well.

While this might look like a mess, every thing in this rig monster is carefully lighting the subject. The silk provides a large, soft source, while the ultrabounce on the floor (held up by a step ladder, I might add) is adding just a little more pop to her face and specifically the turkey pan. The scrim takes down a little bit, but only on the turkey pan.